Microsoft Corp

In 2001, the Caraway Team developed Microsoft Corp's diversity marketing program to position the company as a responsible corporate citizen to diverse audiences, to highlight it as a good workplace for women and minorities, and to raise awareness of its products and services among diverse audiences. Initial surveys conducted by Microsoft found that African Americans, Latinos, and other minority groups identified the company's products as inaccessible due to price and/or a lack of access to computers. The survey also revealed that minority consumers regarded Microsoft as a monopoly, and expressed a lack of interest in purchasing its products.

Caraway worked with Microsoft's diversity and inclusion team to develop a message matrix that would position the company as good corporate citizen, one with an inclusive work environment and a company that provides quality goods and services to a diverse group. The strategy was to take the three goals and develop specific narratives for each, while ensuring the goals mapped back to the target audience. As a result the Caraway Team has been able to change Microsoft's image among diverse audiences and successfully place qualitative news articles highlighting Microsoft's work in the community, its products and its commitment to diversity.

Eight years later, Caraway remains partners with Microsoft, who continues to receive various awards and recognition.